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Future of Work: 2023’s Top Trends for Thriving Workplaces

In the dynamic world of work, it is crucial to adapt to emerging trends that shape the future of our workplaces. As we approach 2023, the need to prioritise employee health and wellbeing, enhance energy efficiency, drive productivity, and embrace hybrid working models becomes more evident than ever. Inspired by the insightful thoughts of some of the UKs thriving CEO’s and entrepreneurs, this article explores the key workplace trends that will shape 2023 and lays the foundation for a thriving workforce.

Putting Employee Health and Wellbeing First

In the quest for success, organisations have started realising the pivotal role that employee health and wellbeing play. In 2023, there is a strong focus on creating a culture and workplace environment that prioritises the wellbeing of employees. This includes not only physical health but also mental and emotional wellbeing.

Employers are investing in wellness programs, mental health initiatives, and flexible working arrangements to ensure that employees feel supported and empowered to perform at their best.

It has been found that around 53% of workers are seeking jobs that give them more security than their current role. So, employers are going to need to engage more with their employees going forwards and also show how they are committed to wellbeing and growth.

Creating Healthier Workspace

In the wake of Covid-19, our perception of the workplace has been forever altered. No longer seen merely as a space to fulfil roles, it has emerged as a vital arena for prioritising cleanliness and hygiene, shedding light on the inadequate consideration these factors once received.

Consequently, employees now regard their health and wellbeing as paramount, (rightly so), urging employers to take substantial action. To meet these expectations, employers must embrace intelligent technologies and solutions that enhance workplace cleanliness.

Enter Envelo—a pioneering provider of such solutions. By monitoring air quality and other conditions within the workplace, Envelo equips employers to swiftly implement necessary improvements. Additionally, Envelo’s predictive learning capabilities help monitor work surfaces, optimise energy usage, which also reduces energy costs and consumption whilst curbing workplace sickness.

The benefits of an enhanced workplace environment are manifold. Improved cleaning protocols ensure heightened hygiene standards, while reduced energy costs align with sustainability goals. Moreover, informed decision-making taken from occupancy monitoring prevents overcrowding, resulting in a comfortable and productive workspace—both highly sought-after attributes for today’s employees.

Energy Efficiency: A Sustainable Work Environment

As environmental concerns continue to grow and as energy costs continue to rise, organisations are recognising the importance of energy efficiency in the workplace. In 2023 there is already a shift towards sustainable practices that reduce energy consumption, minimise waste, and promote eco-friendly habits.

Employers are investing in energy-efficient technologies (like Envelo), implement recycling programs, and encourage employees to adopt sustainable behaviours. By creating a green workspace, companies can contribute to a healthier planet while also fostering a sense of purpose and pride among their workforces.

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Unlocking Productivity through Purposeful Work

So far throughout 2023 there has been a renewed focus on fostering a sense of purpose in the workplace. Organisations have realised that productivity stems from employees who feel connected to a higher cause and understand the impact of their work.

Leaders strive to create a shared vision, communicate the “why” behind their company’s mission, and align individual goals with the organisation’s purpose. By nurturing a culture of purpose, companies can unleash the full potential of their workforce, leading to increased engagement, creativity, and productivity.

Embracing the Hybrid Working Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of hybrid working models, and in 2023, this trend has become a permanent fixture of the modern workplace. Hybrid working offers the flexibility of both remote and in-person work, allowing employees to have a better work-life balance. Employers are investing in technology infrastructure, collaborative tools, and flexible policies to support seamless communication and collaboration regardless of location. Embracing hybrid working models will not only attract top talent but also promote diversity and inclusion, as it opens opportunities for individuals with different needs and preferences.

As we look ahead the workplace will continue to evolve, driven by the need to prioritise:

By adopting these trends, organisations can create an environment where employees thrive, contribute meaningfully, and achieve both personal and professional success.

Let us embark on this journey, inspired by Envelo’s belief in ‘doing better and creating healthy, productive spaces’, to shape a future where the workplace becomes a source of fulfilment and growth for all. Better for people, better for business.

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