Confidence in healthy space

Why Envelo?

Why do we need proof & confidence in a healthy workspace?

A healthy space is one where the air we breathe is fresh and energising; one where contact with the air, people and surfaces within that space is unlikely to give us health conditions or disease.


As well as reducing sickness, we want people to be free to use and enjoy spaces as they were intended.  For many, fear of the unknown affects mental wellbeing with a resulting impact on communal participation and team performance.   


We need to use an evidence-based and targeted approach, rather than one based on arbitrary restrictions.  This provides the proof and the confidence in our indoor environments to positively attract people into communal spaces.

What are the risks in your workspace?

The shared environment is great for innovation, creativity, and productivity, but it also creates risk management challenges. Having lots of people moving around your premises, sometimes in large groups, sometimes in confined spaces, can give rise to stale air and a potential breeding ground for transmission of disease.


The following impact health and wellbeing of people indoors:

Breathing air that has been exhaled by others.

A lack of fresh air impairs our cognition, learning, productivity, and well-being. It increases the  likelihood that we will be infected by diseases carried by others into that space.

Being infected with bacteria or viruses by touching surfaces.

Conventional cleaning and disinfectants do not provide lasting protection. We need to be able to  touch surfaces which have a high level of contact with other people (e.g. door handles, stair rails  and lift buttons) without fear of infection in between cleans.

Being in an overly crowded space.

When spaces get crowded there is a higher chance we will contract diseases carried by others into  that space.

Breathing air with harmful pollutants.

Airborne chemicals including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can cause long-term chronic  health effects. Particulate matter in the air can irritate lungs, agitate pre-existing conditions, cause  heart attacks and cancer and have been linked to dementia by recent research.

What are your requirements?


We know that every space is different.  Any one space may be used differently by various groups of people at different times. 


Your organisation may have a number of different drivers for seeking improvement, whether it’s reducing sickness, managing risk or boosting the productivity of your employees and teams.  Perhaps you are concerned about excess use of chemicals that are harsh for the environment in your cleaning regime, which air monitors to buy, or how to make the most of a recent investment in air monitors or air filters.  In all of these situations, Envelo can help you address these questions and answer the ‘so what?’