About Envelo

Our mission

Creating confidence in healthy space

The Envelo mission was born over a year ago from a desire to do better. We recognise that looking after safety is no longer enough, and that people need to know their health and well-being is cared for too.

Using the right combination of technology, products and services, we help you look after health and well-being in your spaces, giving people the confidence to use them to the full.

Our values


People are free to use and enjoy spaces without fear for their health and wellbeing.  Managers are free to choose how they manage and improve the spaces they look after, based on the facts.  People are free because they feel confident and included every day.


Everything we do helps our mission for the benefit of our customers.  Technology is used to serve people and create choice.  People know that if a space is protected by Envelo, they can trust their health and wellbeing is looked after.


We know we can always improve.  We are open to new technologies and ideas, and avoid being restricted by any one way of doing things.  Every day, we learn how our services will be better tomorrow.

Our team

The Envelo team is founded on diversity, comprising specialists from very different backgrounds and industries.  We combine knowledge of air and surface hygiene with technology expertise and experience of practical B2B service delivery.  Above all, we are united by passionate belief in our mission.