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Why Envelo

Improving the workplace environment using smart technology

At Envelo, our aim is to improve the workplace environment through a range of intuitive solutions that are proven to work.

With our systems, you can monitor, manage and take action based on real-time data and predictive learning from our smart technology. We give you the freedom to use your spaces without the fear of making it difficult for your employees to perform. The solutions we provide are driven by evidence and data, which empowers you to make big improvements within your workplace.

The environment within your workplace has a direct impact on health and well-being. A stale and stagnant atmosphere that has poor air flow, unhealthy surfaces and energy that is not monitored is a recipe for problems, all of which have an impact on your business.

Data driven decisions

Common challenges in the workplace

Poor productivity

The average employee is apparently only productive for 2 hours 53 minutes per day! A major factor that reduces productivity is when your workplace environment is set up incorrectly. With the right changes, you can increase productivity and transform your business through employees who feel engaged.

Workplace sickness

Four factors of the workplace environment could be adding to your level of workplace sickness. They are lighting, noise, colour, and air quality. With poor air quality comes the spread of infections and reduced cognitive ability. This means more sickness, low performance and low productivity.



Mental Ill-Health is the leading cause of sickness absence, with an average of 1.9 days lost during the year. When employees constantly feel fatigued and mentally drained, naturally it can have a big impact on their mental health.


Low morale is a silent killer of workplace productivity and performance. When employees feel down and disengaged, it not only reduces productivity but may also increase staff turnover. However, when your employees know that you are taking the necessary steps to improve the workspace, they’ll feel more valued and appreciated.

Why take action?

Your workplace has to be set up correctly in order for it to become an environment where you employees can thrive. By not taking control of the air quality, your surfaces or the number of people in a certain space, you are creating a problem for you, your business and your employees. A poor working environment will lead to increased sickness, low morale and a lack of productivity, all of which can leave employees feeling deflated and lacking any desire to work hard for your business.

Also, having poorly set up systems of environment control can have a detrimental affect on your environment and cost you money due to wasted energy, without any positive results.

How much could your business save?

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Our solution

Optimising your environment

Advanced technology

We give you the freedom to use the latest technology to make informed decisions and gain better control over the management of your workplace. Using automated technology, you can benefit from advice that helps you to transform the working environment in a way that is positive and meaningful. Through the use of automated IOT monitoring, real-time data and workflow, managing the health and well-being of your workplace has never been so easy. We help you to optimise your environment and that helps your workplace to thrive.

Cutting-edge protection

Viruses can spread around the workplace easily when the correct solutions are not in place. However, we can provide surface protection that helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses around your building. Using the latest solutions, your staff can have confidence knowing that the risk of illness is reduced and that can help them to work more productively and with a better mindset. Furthermore, this once again helps to drive down sickness levels, ensuring your business is performing at the highest possible level.

Who our system helps

Large offices

We will help you streamline monitoring, either working with your existing systems (IoT devices), or using our own, and help you utilise the latest data to help take decisive actions. All of which will enable your workplace to become somewhere that feels perfect in every way.

People working from an office

Small & medium sized business

With our systems, we can help small businesses maximise their space usage and the output of their workforce. Simple changes and workflow management will make your workplace somewhere that people feel healthy, supported and more productive.

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Brands we work with

Working towards a healthier future

“86% of employers think employees require more support for health and wellbeing in the workplace”. Employees shouldn’t be concerned about the risks that the workplace can pose to their health when a simple solution can change everything. With Envelo by your side, we help you work towards a future that is healthier, cleaner and more productive in every possible way.

Why let your workplace environment hold your workforce back when you can take that next step and make a positive change?

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