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Envelo’s smart technology seamlessly combines occupancy and air quality data that empowers you to reduce costs, minimise energy consumption, optimise your spaces, and promote a healthy working environment for all.

Improve air quality

Boost employee health, well-being, and performance while simultaneously cutting sick leave by over 30%.

Reduce energy costs

Reduce energy costs by up to 40%! Minimise your carbon footprint to achieve sustainability goals.

Optimise your spaces

Create adaptable and safe workspaces with our detailed occupancy data and insights, while maximising your workspace capacity.

The smart way to improve your workplace

Envelo is a cutting-edge, smart technology solution that combines data into one central platform to improve air quality, surface conditions, energy consumption, and space usage. With Envelo’s predictive learning and actionable insights, businesses can effectively reduce energy costs and consumption, reduce workplace sickness, and trim overall expenses. Our application enables you to drive significant improvements within your workplace, leveraging automation to achieve remarkable outcomes for everyone. With the latest technology at its core, Envelo enables a healthier, more productive environment while simultaneously delivering substantial cost savings for businesses.

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How it works


IoT devices monitor air, surfaces and occupancy using existing monitors or installing new ones to fit your needs and budget.


The Envelo platform combines data from monitors to generate actions and automations that will improve workspace health & wellbeing, whilst also reducing energy costs and consumption.


The Envelo Rating communicates how healthy your spaces are in a simple format which is understandable by everyone.

How to measure healthy space

The Envelo Rating

Using the latest regulations, guidance and scientific research, the Envelo Rating is a simple and effective way to measure and display how healthy your workspace is. The Envelo dashboard and kiosk displays can be configured to meet different needs to show how your spaces are performing.

What Envelo monitors

Envelo combines data from various monitoring solutions into one platform, to make big improvements to the air quality, energy consumption and space usage in your workplace.

Volatile organic compounds

Increase health & productivity in your workplace!

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Simple Set-Up

Start benefiting from Envelo right away with a simple set-up. This can be carried out during the working day, or after hours with minimal impact on business operations.

WiredScore Accredited Solution

Easily installed

No engineers, wiring or drilling required for installation of equipment.

Actionable insights

Live data and predictive insights for targeted and automated actions.

Plug & Play

Easily tailored to your environment, using our own devices or existing.

Continuous improvement

Reduce business costs and improve workspace health and wellbeing.

Revolutionise your workplace with the Envelo Platform

Wireless internal & external air sensors
Wireless occupancy
Building cleanliness monitoring
Standalone connectivity (3G/4G)
Secure, encrypted end-to-end solution
Automated HVAC & BMS integration
Adaptable & flexible with any systems and products
Cloud based

“Envelo reduced the periods of excessive and unnecessary heating within the drying room by over 90%”

Envelo’s challenge was to see how technology could improve the environment in a welfare area with all its unique requirements, as well as improve people’s health. A keen focus is also placed on delivering financial, sustainability, and environmental benefits to Laing O’Rourke and its properties.

Amazing businesses we work with

We work with and variety of businesses including BCorp certified companies to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Sectors we serve

Sports & leisure
Facility management

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