Welcome to Envelo

Healthy space specialists

At Envelo, we measure, monitor and maintain your spaces to improve everybody’s health and wellbeing indoors.  We use the best available technology, products and data to target actions that continuously improve the whole environment.  We do the hard work behind the scenes to help you reduce sickness, increase participation and boost productivity.

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Spaces protected by Envelo increase confidence in healthy space

Our data-driven ‘healthy space rating’ means you can show employees, visitors and customers the evidence that your space is healthy.  This means people feel confident their health and wellbeing is taken care of, and it gives management peace of mind they are doing the best they can to look after people.

Why we do what we do

A sustainable & adaptable service

For too long, health and wellbeing indoors has lacked focus.  We bring that focus to ensure health and wellbeing is properly managed into the future.  The tried and tested products we use are friendly to humans and the environment, and our solution adapts to the external environment such as the presence or absence of pandemics.

Technology with

We believe that technology is there to serve people.  We package the best available IoT devices, welltech and surface protection so that we can deliver a practical and economical service tailored to your needs.  We research, learn and evolve to bring our customers continuous improvement and value for money.

Putting you back in control of your space

Communication is essential so that people feel confident to enjoy indoor space.  Our management system lets you know what actions need to be taken and when, and provides live communication tools that show everybody their health and wellbeing is taken care of.


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