Envelo Benefits

Boost productivity and engagement

Research shows that a healthy workplace can reduce staff sickness by over 70%.  Healthy fresh air improves cognition, creativity and teamwork.  By providing proof and confidence, we help you grow participation and productivity in your spaces.  Taking care of health indoors leads to an inclusive and communal sense of wellbeing that not only makes your space an attractive place to be, but leads to stronger organisational performance.

Strategic resilience

With Envelo, you have a means to manage risks and target investment on what brings the most benefit.   You may be able to reduce intensive cleaning regimes which harm the environment, or expensive air solutions that may not always be needed.  Ultimately you can make informed choices, and are better placed to manage potential future pandemics and restrictions if they were to arise. 

Peace of mind

Our customers typically see Envelo as a highly affordable solution where the benefits far outweigh the costs.  Managers are reassured they have done what they can to maximise health and wellbeing in the spaces they look after.  People using those spaces have peace of mind that their health and wellbeing is taken care of.