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Revolutionising Energy Management in UK Businesses

In an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a business imperative, UK companies are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to manage their energy consumption. One such ground-breaking development is the adoption of energy management systems, a trend exemplified by the roll-out of Envelo in a range of sectors from offices to leisure facilities.

This article delves into how Envelo and similar systems are transforming energy management in the UK, focusing on their potential for energy savings, environmental impact, and improving business operations.

Understanding Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems (EMS) are technological solutions designed to monitor, control, and optimise the energy consumption of buildings and facilities. In the UK, where businesses are increasingly conscious of their energy use and carbon footprint, the relevance of EMS is more pronounced than ever. Recent data indicates a 1.0% reduction in primary energy consumption on a fuel input basis in the UK, highlighting the role of efficient energy management in this decline​​.

Envelo's impactful energy savings at UK gym chain

One example of the many we have is the deployment of Envelo at a leading UK gym chain. Since January 12, 2024, Envelo has been tracking estimated energy use and potential savings, revealing that better management of ventilation across just one section of the facilities could have saved over £1,000 in just ten days. This figure scales up to an estimated annual saving of at least £10,000 for the section, equating to a reduction of over 7 tonnes of CO2 emissions based on the UK’s power grid mix.

Such impressive results underscore the impact that EMS can have on a business’s bottom line and its carbon footprint.

Energy management solutions gym chain

Broader Impacts and Benefits

The benefits of systems like Envelo extend beyond mere energy savings. They play a crucial role in helping the UK meet its ambitious environmental goals. With the country’s built environment needing to slash its energy consumption by about 80% to achieve the 2050 net-zero carbon emissions target, EMS solutions are pivotal​​. Additionally, such systems contribute to improved indoor air quality (IAQ), a factor becoming increasingly important for health and wellness in workspaces.

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Real-world Applications and Future Outlook

The application of EMS like Envelo isn’t limited to gyms or offices; it extends to any sector with indoor spaces including hospitals and educational institutions. The future of energy management in the UK looks promising, with a continued shift towards renewable energy sources and a growing emphasis on sustainable business practices. The challenge and opportunity lie in retrofitting existing buildings and ensuring new constructions are equipped with state-of-the-art EMS.

As we move closer to our 2050 targets, the importance of systems like Envelo cannot be overstated. They represent a critical tool in the arsenal of businesses aiming to reduce their environmental impact while improving their operational efficiency. The journey towards a sustainable future is complex, but with innovative solutions like Envelo, UK businesses are well-equipped to lead the way.

Steve Burch, one of the Co-Founders of Envelo says:

“Many things in life are a balancing act, and Energy Management Systems are a prime example.  It’s important these systems use a range of data so they can generate the right actions that give the best possible result. This means optimising outcomes for health & wellbeing as well as for energy conservation.”

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