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Benefits Of Envelo

Boost businesses productivity & engagement

Your business should do everything possible to take care of its employees. After all, they are the backbone of what you do but have you ever thought about your workspace and how that ties with health and well-being. An unhealthy workspace can limit productivity, it can cause staff to suffer from a lack of clarity and it can result in increased sickness.

With Envelo by your side, you can take back control of your workspace and turn your business into one that has a modern outlook on the work environment.

There are many benefits that come with managing and monitoring your workspace which is why we want to help you discover how we can make a difference together.

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improvement in employee productivity can be realised when incorporating the Envelo smart system to your workspace environment
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of UK employees say they would be more likely to apply to work at a company that proposed or adopted a net-zero strategy
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reduction in staff sickness creating an all round healthier workspace resulting in an increase to morale and staff retention

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Creating healthy working environments

A healthy work environment is not just about ensuring there is adequate airflow because there is much more to it. We want to work with our clients to help them understand and implement better working spaces. When we create healthy working environments, we monitor the air, surfaces and staff numbers, all of which can help to create a healthy workplace.

When you have a healthier workplace, you will benefit from staff who are more alert, productive and enthusiastic about their role. All of this can be easily achieved by implementing our solutions, and transforming your workplace into somewhere that can be embraced.

Encouraging higher staff morale

There are many factors that can affect staff morale but did you know that your workplace could be a contributing factor? Fatigue, a lack of energy and productivity can all have an impact on morale. This can become a vicious cycle because staff can struggle to see what the issue might be.

However, with our solutions, you can ensure that your employees are breathing air that is healthy and safe, giving them a clearer mind, more energy and the ability to focus on their role. When they feel better and perform better, their morale will improve. This removes the vicious cycle of low staff morale and turns it into a feeling of success and positivity.

Reducing energy & costs

When you have control over your systems and how you heat and ventilate your workspace, you can reduce the amount of energy you use when its not required at certain times. You won’t need to run systems needlessly or without a lack of knowledge because we empower you to make better choices which save you money.

With our smart and intuitive dashboard, you can reduce your carbon footprint in an efficient way. Systems will only operate when they need to, and you will save energy in several different ways. At a time when we all must play our part in protecting the environment, we should look at doing all we can, which is where Envelo can help.

Additional benefits

Straighforward installation

We design our systems so they are easy to install. This not only means that you get to benefit our systems quickly but it also helps to reduce downtime and disruption. Our experts will plan the installation and then get to work ensuring that everything is done efficiently and to the highest of standards.
Easy Installation

Easy to monitor

Our systems are not designed to over complicate things but instead, make it easy for you to make decisions. All data is clear and concise, making it easy for you to monitor your space at any time of the day. Simplicity is key when it comes to monitoring and management and that is why our systems really stand out.

Automated process

Once our system recognises that action has to be taken, it will automatically make informed decisions to improve the surrounding air quality. The software can also advise you on manual steps to take. This gives you complete confidence that the changes you make are ensuring your spaces are safe and hygienic.

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Sectors that benefit from Envelo

Health Care
Sports & Leisure
Facility Management

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