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Workplace Trends That Will Shape 2023

It is fair to say that the workplace has completely evolved in recent years. Many of the changes were expected to be seen in ten years but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has excelled the implementation of these changes. As a result, employers have seen a shift in the way in which the workplace is perceived and how employees work. Many of these changes would have been dismissed in years gone by but the world is a different place.

It can be difficult to predict the future but it is important to look ahead so you can prepare your business for what might come. It will also help you to take advantage of opportunities and so, here are several workplace trends that will shape 2023. Which ones will you embrace?

Hybrid Working

Covid lockdowns thrust remote working into the limelight, turning it from something that employers didn’t want to embrace to something they had to embrace. However, a by-product of remote working is a reduction in costs, a happier workplace, and even productivity improvements, so it is fair to say that remote working is not going anywhere.

It is not as clear cut as that though because employers are not completely convinced that remote working is the best way forward. Sure, it is going to become a part of the modern workplace but there have been negative elements to it that employers are going to want to remove.

Employers have found it difficult to improve morale and engagement and so, employers are going to look at fine-tuning their hybrid working arrangements to improve the workplace, mental health, and culture.

At Envelo, we understand that the office environment needs to be deemed a safe place to encourage employees back into the workplace. We offer solutions that provide real-time data so employees can see you’re taking action to improve the overall health and well-being of your workplace.

Salary Transparency Will Be Key

Salary secrecy has been a gremlin on the back of employers for some time, especially when it comes to salary equality but the world is changing. Employees are now expecting employers to become more transparent when it comes to salaries. This is also true for employees who will be expected to speak more openly about their earnings.

For decades it has been a taboo subject to talk about salaries but being more open can help to attract new talent and retain existing talent. The younger generation considers this to be hugely important especially given that they are comfortable talking about salaries. So, this means that employers are going to need to be more transparent but they are also going to have to encourage employees to talk more freely.


There is now more pressure on employers to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and this is where Environmental, Social, and Governance credibility will come into focus.

Employees and consumers will scrutinise how businesses operate and how their behaviours are changing to become more sustainable. The entire workforce is going to be governed by this because they will have to prove their credibility to stakeholders, suppliers, consumers, and more. Transparency is key because there is no doubt that 2023 is going to be a turning point for employers and the workplace.

Read more here to learn more about ESG scores and how they are calculated.

Clarity on the Future

Employees are going to want to have a greater level of certainty from employers when it comes to the future of the business. The past few years have been filled with uncertainty but now employees need clarity and transparency when it comes to the future and where the business is moving.

They want to know the current situation of the business, how it is positioned, and how it plans to become future-proof. It is all about reassurance because financial and reputational stability is key to employees. In addition to this, they want to know that the business is going to continue to offer opportunities for career growth as this is important to them. As a result, it has been found that around 53% of workers are seeking jobs that give them more security than their current role. What this means is that employers are going to need to engage with employees in the future and also show how they are committed to well-being and growth.

So, it is recommended that employees increase and improve messaging with regular updates to improve trust. They will also need to meet with employees to discuss their goals and pain points while they should put tailored development plans in place that provide training and mentoring.

Healthier Workplaces

Once again, Covid-19 has shaped how we perceive the workplace. Before the pandemic, it was a place where we went to carry out roles and nothing more. However, Covid-19 restrictions have highlighted the implications surrounding cleanliness and hygiene and it also showcased how both were nothing more than a small consideration previously.

Therefore, employers will be expected to do more as employees consider their health and well-being to be of utmost importance. What this means is that employers will have to implement smart technology and solutions that make the workplace cleaner.

These solutions, such as those we at Envelo provide, will help to monitor air condition and quality before taking action to make the necessary improvements. It will also help to monitor work surfaces and use predictive learning to help reduce energy, business costs, and workplace sickness.

An improved workplace can bring with it so many advantages. It can help to improve cleaning regimes, reduce energy costs and make informed decisions that ensure workplaces are not overcrowded. This all leads to a workplace that is comfortable and productive, both of which are things that employees are looking for.

A Wider Global Reach

It was once the case that businesses would only reach national markets due to logistics and geographical barriers. However, this is no longer the case because it has never been easier to find talent from around the world and this is going to become a part of the workplace in 2023.

When businesses spread their wings and look further afield it means that they can access a larger pool of talent. It also enables businesses to operate in different time zones and stay available throughout every hour of the day. In addition to this, businesses will have the potential to expand into new markets. This is not a completely new trend because organisations are doing this right now.

This is going to affect leadership, communications, engagement, and onboarding but it will mean an improvement in collaboration.


The workplace has been transformed by technology over the last three decades and this isn’t stopping any time soon. The adoption of technology has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses are now looking at other ways in which digitisation can help their business to thrive.

Automation is huge and is going to continue growing into 2023. Automation is nothing new. You only have to look at manufacturers to see how they have used computers and machines to manufacture goods, effectively rendering some roles obsolete. On one hand, this is not great for the workplace but it does help to create other opportunities as some roles will change but new roles will be created.

As a result, the workplace will need to be a learning hub where employees are continually developing and being upskilled. This will help to improve the implementation of technology and streamline the process at the same time.

This is not something that can be dropped on employees with no prior warning. As a result, staff will have to be informed of digital transformation and how businesses will adopt it. The implementation process will need to be managed through changed communications while the necessary training will be required to help give existing employees the required skills.

Equity and Inclusion

This is a hot topic and has been for several years but organisational empathy is going to be hugely important in the workplace. Employers are going to need to alter how they perceive equity, inclusion, belonging, and diversity.

New strategies will need to be implemented to ensure that the workplace becomes a more diverse place where everyone is allowed to thrive. This organisational empathy is also vital to the success of businesses because the modern workforce expects employers to do much more than they have done in the past.

Therefore, acceptance, understanding, knowledge, and empathy are going to play a significant role in the workplace.

Employee Wellbeing

This has been on the radar of employers for some time but it has become more important than ever. Employees are now reporting burnout more than ever and now more are considering leaving their existing roles to find employers that offer them better resources.

Therefore, it will become important that employers spot burnout and then take the necessary action to help. They might choose to bring in certain perks such as days off, shorter working weeks, or other solutions that make it possible for employees to ease stress.

There is no doubt that 2023 is going to be a year that is filled with changes in the workplace. The changes we have seen in recent years have been the drivers behind the latest set of trends but if employers want to keep their workforce satisfied and their workplace inviting, then they are going to need to embrace some of these trends.
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