The 5 Ps

Envelo, with our strapline: ‘The Healthy Space Specialists’ was borne out of the 5 Ps. People. Places. Products. Providers. Proof.

What underpinned our motive in establishing Envelo in 2019 was the understanding we had as a team that with our combined knowledge, resources and experience we could do so much better in creating and maintaining healthy spaces than the accepted norm of ‘soap and hope’.  We knew that by developing new systems and processes, we could really protect people and places in a way that has not been accomplished to date – with minimum intervention on your part.

We are now using the 5 Ps to work with sectors including rail, manufacturing, hospitality, and leisure to set supplier led standards. If you want to protect your people and your place(s) please get in touch.


  • Emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing must be restored if people are to act in the absence of fear when entering a space.
  • Envelo protects your people – employees, visitors, contractors, guests, passengers. The humans that interact with you occasionally and regularly.


  • In the absence of a measured, scientific approach there has been an inconsistency in protection.
  • Envelo undertakes risk assessments and diagnostics in all your spaces joining each area up to form a complete and accurate analysis.


  • Soap and hope. Confusion remains when it comes to understanding the differences between deep cleaning and anti-virus protection products.
  • Envelo only recommends best in market products that are designed to kill viruses to the highest certified levels and provide ongoing protection.


  • Many providers are claiming expert status, but which providers should be listened to and their recommendations acted on?
  • Envelo embraces a consultative approach that brings together best- in-market providers to create healthy spaces.


  • Protection must be proved with ‘evidence’ based data and standards must be set so that all providers comply.
  • Envelo is leading the way with protection that can be proven through independent verification and with post application testing of your space.

We look upon the establishment of a standard in any sector as being one that focuses on the attainment and maintenance of good health and wellbeing – using technology to monitor, test and track without being obtrusive. We are now driving standards across many sectors because those that currently exist are not adequate or encompassing enough in this new era.

Our mission is to create a healthy space for your organisation so please get in touch.