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Rail companies increase capacity and cleaning to encourage ‘Return to Rail’

A report by the BBC: ‘Coronavirus what’s the risk on transport’ published April 21st 2021 states: ‘The number of people travelling by train has risen to around 32% of pre-pandemic levels – compared to about 14% during January, and 5% during the first lockdown last April.’ And: ‘As numbers increase, rail companies are increasing capacity, to enable social distancing and prevent packed trains.’

Additional measures include longer trains so that passengers can socially distance whenever possible. Stations are also offering more hand sanitisers and investing in ‘enhanced train-cleaning’ too.

Commenting on this, Steve Burch, Director of Envelo said: “If the train operating companies are to encourage passengers to return to rail, then building customer confidence before even setting foot inside a station is crucial. This includes making them aware of the surface protection and ‘repair the air’ programmes that are being put in place in stations and not just the trains, plus any ongoing measuring and testing which ensures these spaces remain safe and virus free – with real time alerts when they are not.

We know from ongoing discussions with the train operating companies that building customer confidence is a priority if numbers are to rise towards pre-Covid levels. Running parallel to this must be long term anti-viral surface protection and air cleaning of all spaces that passengers frequent and not just simply upping the ante on deep cleaning.”

Seren Solutions announce joint venture with Envelo

Seren Solutions have formed a joint venture with Envelo – ‘The healthy space specialists’. This will see both organisations introduce their services and products to their respective client bases as part of a complete offering – people testing, plus air and surface protection -with ongoing anti-virus monitoring using clever technology.

Commenting on the ‘natural synergy’ between the two organisations, Ralph Izod, Managing Director of Envelo said: “Seren Solutions are a trusted brand with a great reputation in the rail sector where they have been offering rapid virus testing to rail personnel since the outbreak of the pandemic. They are also involved in the development and testing of new products in this evolving area. They are a perfect fit for Envelo.

We can introduce the Seren team to the sectors we operate in. Their ‘fair price’ policy and ethical approach to business will be much appreciated. They align with our mission which is to offer businesses and facilities from all sectors including rail, leisure, manufacturing, hospitality and care a complete kit. This includes virus testing plus anti- virus prevention and protection services for air and surfaces with ongoing monitoring solutions.”

“I will be introducing the Envelo team to existing clients in the coming weeks,” said Mike Knapton, Managing Director, Seren Solutions. “The train operating companies I work with are at the forefront of embracing solutions to protect passengers and their people at every stage of the journey, day in, day out so I am confident Envelo will be well received.

Likewise, I am looking forward to working with the Envelo team and introducing our offering in new sectors. Our research has shown there exists a clear and pressing need for a complete testing, protection, and prevention solution, delivered by one organisation. This is the new normal. The need for change is now and together we have the capability, commitment and offering to meet it head on.”