Study finds indoor virus risk ‘as great at 60 feet as 6’

The key findings of a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reveals that:

  • The risk of being exposed to Covid-19 indoors is as great at 60 feet as it is at 6 feet.
  • Even while wearing a mask in well-mixed spaces ‘one is no safer from airborne pathogens at 60ft than 6ft’.
  • When looking at respiratory activity (breathing, eating, speaking, singing), activities that could allow a person to send pathogen laced droplets through the air, even if you are six feet away from that person, you are still at risk indoors.
  • The time a person spends indoors with an infected person is so important. Although masks do help by ‘blocking plumes of air’.

“This research clearly has implications for businesses now finding themselves in the position of wanting to open their doors and provide a safe, pathogen/virus free environment for returning employees, guests and visitors – and not just now but for the weeks and months to come,” says Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Envelo. “There is a clear need to ‘Repair the Air’ so that indoor spaces become healthy spaces.

We began our life as an organisation with a remit to create, maintain, monitor, and improve healthy, pathogen free spaces – using pioneering online and apps-based technology with process change. Our mission is to ensure that any environment or ‘bubble’ is healthy and virus free; that indoor spaces do not become vectors of virus transmission.”

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