Our Services

What we do

We provide a complete solution to help you create, monitor, and manage healthy spaces. We bring together the best available technology and products, independently tested and verified, to suit your specific needs and budget.  Everything is managed through our management system, which puts you in control of risks to health and wellbeing in your spaces.

Our management system is subject to UK Patent Application Number GB2200814.8.


Our management system is always monitoring the risks using real-time data.


Using different media, our management system communicates how healthy your space is to employees, visitors and customers, giving them confidence all day every day.


We measure the risks relevant to each space, using technology and IoT devices


Our management system automatically notifies actions to remove risks when they arise, and helps you continuously improve health indoors.


How we look at the whole environment

We look at the whole environment and its impact on health and wellbeing.  This includes internal conditions of the air, surfaces and occupancy.  We also look at how the external environment impacts how risks are detected and managed, including for example the weather and any current illness in the local population.


We improve air quality, reducing the risk of infection from airborne viruses and pathogens, and enhancing cognitive function and wellbeing.


We deploy long-lasting surface protection that continues to work between conventional cleaning, reducing the risk of viruses and pathogens that are transmitted via surfaces, and removing the need for additional cleaning using harsh chemicals which damage the environment.  


We help ensure overcrowding is detected before issues arise and the risks of infection climb too high.  

No space is too large or too small

Our approach can be configured to any space, from the largest office buildings to the smallest retail units, from mass transit systems to individual coaches. Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.