Envelo Solutions

Pioneering technology wraps around our services and products. It defines the measurable and significant benefits Envelo can offer your organisation. With your initial questions answered the next stage is usually a diagnostic – a simple consultative factfinding process to understand what is required and what is currently standing in the way of creating a healthy space for your organisation and your people.

This is because we must understand and analyse the challenges you face. And you must be fully aware of these too.

From the sheer volume of people entering your space at different times of the day (and night) to the need for your production lines to continue uninterrupted and, team members having to work in proximity. Every organisation has different challenges, and it is our remit to find out what yours are through an intensely consultative process.

Envelo systems and technology

Air. Surfaces. People

Envelo Solutions enables you to manage these 3 areas without closing your space or creating an environment that is impossible or onerous for your team to maintain.

Our combination of technology, digital analytics, and workforce engagement, combine to create a process that can be adopted and integrated within your organisation with ease.

Below is a summary of this combination in action. Please contact us for more details and to discuss the Envelo diagnostic process for your organisation.


Long lasting surface protection. This is enhanced by testing of surfaces before, during and post application– This enables trend and risk analysis.


Improving air quality, reducing risk of infection, and enhancing wellbeing.


Understanding proximity and crowding.
– Utilising Internet of Things technology to actively monitor
– Home testing and best in market low usage/high protection hand sanitising kits along with capture of data.

Behavioural Analysis and training consultancy

Understanding your workforce and your current cleaning process and working day process

Digital Analytics

We turn the data collected at various stages and locations into usable and useful information for you.

Influence/set standards

We work with you to provide data and evidence so you can challenge any restrictions that have been imposed on your organisation.