Deloitte paper indicates need for suppliers as subject matter experts

‘The impact of Covid-19 on facility Management’, a paper published by Deloitte states that cleaning regimes in offices have changed during the pandemic: “The frequency of cleaning has increased in the mid-sized offices where there was no daily cleaning before Covid-19. Furthermore, total cleaning time has remained the same, but the implementation of the available time has changed with a focus on contact hygiene.”

The paper also addresses the issue of price reporting: “Where price used to be the focus, in many cases this will be less the case and flexibility and sustainability will become more important… Sustainability is more than the ecological aspect. It also includes the lifespan of installations, after-sales service and so on. Here the supplier also acts as the ‘Subject Matter Expert’ (SME), where the customer leaves the technical input more to the supplier in his RFP, as the supplier is expected to be the expert in the matter. All this leans towards the principle of ‘Best Value Procurement’.

The report also underlines the need for quality. “in the future there will be a major shift towards contracts that focus on performance and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)….“SLAs (“what”) without good Key Performance Indicators or KPIs (“how”) are hollow concepts. You can ask a supplier to “deliver the best possible quality” (=SLA), but without an objective way to measure this (=KPI) you are nowhere. This will increasingly lead to “measuring is knowing”, where high performance systems can make the difference for more facility related tools as well as purchase and contract management packages.”

Commenting on this, Ralph Izod Managing Director of Envelo said: “This demonstrates how important it is for providers like Envelo to deliver solutions that don’t just tick the box at the point of installation but that can be measured on an ongoing basis with clear KPIs. There is negligible value to customers in developing a robust surface sanitisation and clean air system if it can’t be subsequently measured on an ongoing basis using clearly defined, pre-agreed metrics with the data available in seconds.

As this paper and indeed our discussions with FMs indicate, facilities managers must rely on their suppliers to be genuinely expert in their field and to broaden the scope of their service offering to include crucial servicing elements. The conversations we are having with FMs shows that the focus has shifted from deep cleaning to providing a robust anti-virus sanitisation programme that can be measured 24/7 365 days a year.

For example, our team will measure the viral load in a space, deliver the right protection and then demonstrate (using technology) that risks are as low as reasonably practicable. This has to be the way forward for FMs and their service providers if the people in the buildings they manage are to be protected to the highest levels possible.”

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