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Revolutionising Energy Management in UK Businesses

energy management systems

In an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a business imperative, UK companies are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to manage their energy consumption. One such ground-breaking development is the adoption of energy management systems, a trend exemplified by the roll-out of Envelo in a range of sectors from offices to leisure […]

Future of Work: 2023’s Top Trends for Thriving Workplaces

In the dynamic world of work, it is crucial to adapt to emerging trends that shape the future of our workplaces. As we approach 2023, the need to prioritise employee health and wellbeing, enhance energy efficiency, drive productivity, and embrace hybrid working models becomes more evident than ever. Inspired by the insightful thoughts of some […]

9 Energy Saving Ideas For The Wokplace

Embracing Innovation with Envelo for Sustainable Business Operations In today’s business landscape, there has been a remarkable shift in the way organisations approach energy consumption. Rising energy prices, coupled with growing concerns about the environment, are compelling commercial property and business owners to take proactive measures to reduce energy usage. This article explores nine practical […]

ESG Scores – What Are They and How Is It Calculated?

Across almost every sector, environmental, social, and governance issues are becoming widely recognised. As a result, having the scope to manage risks associated with ESG, as well as its opportunities, can help a business to thrive in a competitive world. However, for a business to understand its ESG liability, it is important that it understands […]

School Classrooms – Are We Just Back To Business As Usual?

School classroom

The school classroom is relatively unchanged since its conception a few hundred years ago. A large space with several desks facing toward the teacher enables effective communication of key learnings. The last couple of years has been some of the most challenging ever experienced by school systems across the globe. The mixture of teaching via […]

Data Driven Decisions to Create and Maintain Healthy Workspaces

Data driven decisions

The workplace has changed considerably in recent years and much of this has been driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. The health and wellbeing of employees is more important than ever before and that is because employees have expectations when it comes to the perfect working environment.They are no longer satisfied with having to put up […]

What Is A Smart Building?

What is a smart building

The world is evolving at an incredible rate. This is primarily driven by advances in technology. Our lives are now influenced by technology from communication tools to running our homes. Without technology, we wouldn’t be able to do many of the things that we do today. When it comes to the workplace, many of the […]

What Is An Acceptable Co2 Level In A Building?

acceptable CO2 level in buildings

We all understand the damage that Carbon Dioxide can cause. You only have to look at our planet and the change in climate to see how harmful Carbon Dioxide can be. It is almost impossible to avoid Carbon Dioxide as it is found naturally in the atmosphere but of course, there are many different reasons […]

The Rising Importance of Environmental Workplace Monitoring

Workplace monitoring

Do you want to improve the health and well-being of your staff? Most companies would jump at the chance to develop a reputation for a good working environment and to improve productivity. There are a lot of ways you can do this. One method which has sprung up in popularity recently is the ability to […]

How You Are Measuring Productivity and How You Can Improve Employee Productivity By Up to 70%

Productive Office Environment

It is important to measure employee productivity to bring vital changes to your company. Measuring productivity, and improving it, can influence the micro (worker) and macro (company) level of work that gets done. What Is Productivity? Productivity can be misunderstood in business. People frequently confuse productivity for production efficiency. Production is the quantity of output […]