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Dyno-Pest Case Study

Kingston Road, London,
SW20 8DN

Delivering energy cost savings and health & well-being benefits in a small office space

Dyno-Pest, a top pest control and business services provider in London, needed to encourage people to return to the office after lockdowns to rebuild morale, retain experienced staff, and recruit and train new talent. Envelo was chosen as part of the solution, providing workflows that included air sterilisation control, leading to significant improvements in health & well-being in the office.

Envelo has since become an essential part of Dyno-Pest’s office infrastructure, resulting in a more than a third reduction in sickness levels since implementing the workflow. By using Envelo to manage fresh air ventilation, the office has seen improvements in indoor air quality and significant energy savings, resulting in additional benefits to the bottom line.

“Envelo initially helped us encourage our team back to the office after the lockdowns. We have since realised Envelo is here to stay. It’s a practical solution that means we have reduced sick leave, cut back on energy use and reduced outdoor pollution coming into the office. Crucially, everybody feels happier and more productive. ”
Joanna Stolorz, Office Manager, Dyno-Pest

Key Takeaways

Better health, well-being & productivity from improved indoor air quality & surface hygiene

39% energy cost-saving through improved ventilation control

Return on investment from Envelo of over 150% in year 1

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