Benefits of using Envelo

With your positive and proactive commitment to creating a consistently healthy space you benefit in many ways.

For example:
Your facility or business is more resilient – something which cannot be underestimated in the current climate and as we navigate through uncertainty.

You don’t need self-imposed restrictive processes in place to reduce virus transmission (for example limiting the number of people on your production line or the number of people you allow to work in your offices at any given time or reducing the capacity of visitors to your attraction) This of course benefits your bottom line because you can operate to full capacity.

Your home workers can return with confidence because the space they are coming back to is healthy and safe. And you become a highly recommended, positively reviewed and rated brand.

Visitors and guests can enjoy your facilities once again confident they are being protected. And happy that you genuinely care for their wellness.

You meet the evolving and complex requirements of H&S.

Absenteeism from sickness reduces – and not just from virus transmission but from the general improvement in the healthy environment. Potential anxiety and stress are replaced by positive wellbeing and wellness.

By helping you manage risk from an environmental and people perspective we keep your organisation moving safely and in a spirit of positivity and inclusivity. You’re not reacting; you are being positive and proactive. And putting people first. Contact us to discover more.