About Envelo

The Healthy Space Specialists

The drive for clean, healthy environments for work, leisure and travelling is more important than ever. Envelo addresses these needs now and for the future. Key to this is successfully fighting airborne transmission of the virus and indeed any other viruses such as the flu. It’s also increasingly likely that Coronavirus will become a seasonal virus that we have to live with and manage. Envelo are prepared.

If your organisation invites people ‘onboard’ – employees, visitors, guests, passengers, and contractors, ensuring they are safe has taken on a whole new meaning. Health and safety have expanded into new areas that before the first Coronavirus lockdown in 2020 couldn’t have been predicted. Now it is about health – not just the traditional focus on safety.

Our mission

Envelo was borne out of recent flu outbreaks with a remit to create, maintain and monitor healthy spaces using new online and apps-based technology, process change and the best suppliers and products in the marketplace.

Our mission is straightforward; to ensure that your ‘bubble’ is healthy and virus free – day in and day out. And should you experience a virus or other sickness outbreak our measuring and monitoring system will ensure it is detected at the earliest stages.

Because of this early detection your risk of closure (and of staff sickness) significantly reduces. Your organisation operates uninterrupted. The confidence your people have remains undimmed and their positive wellbeing plus the recognition they are involved in this highly collaborative process are important benefits.

Our Team

Our team has a wealth of experience in technology, operations, health, and safety and standard setting in many sectors. They have worked at the highest levels, sleeves rolled up with engineers, operations managers and management teams to Kaizen and Lean principles – consulting, shaping policy, implementing, and setting standards.

Organisations working with Envelo benefit from a fully managed service with the goal of ensuring healthy spaces, with virus infection and transmission as low as possible. And not just coronavirus but all pathogens.

Getting to know you

We accomplish this by fully understanding your unique challenges and risks in the early stages of the ‘getting to know you’ process. What stands in the way of ensuring your space is healthy and virus free? This is analysed in detail at the Envelo Diagnostic stage.

We identify how people interact and occupy your space and how health and safety is managed, with a view to significantly and measurably reducing risk, and improving the healthy environment for all. And should there be an identified risk it is contained due to our tracking/monitoring, testing, cleaning, and specialist surface protection systems.

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